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EMPLOYEES &AGENTS: Access to the Matching Gift/Good Neighbor Grant site is available ONLY through Single Sign On using a State Farm issued device. Accessing the Matching Gift/Good Neighbor Grant site using a personal device is not available. CLICK HERE to log in from your State Farm Device. You will receive an error if attempting to login below.

RETIRED EMPLOYEES & RETIRED AGENTS: The Matching Gift/Good Neighbor Grant site can be accessed by logging in below.

Welcome to the Good Neighbor Grant® and Matching Gift Programs!

Important Deadline: All Matching Gift and Good Neighbor Grant requests for 2021 must be submitted by January 31, 2022.

FOR RETIRED EMPLOYEES & RETIRED AGENTS ONLY: To learn more or to apply for a Good Neighbor Grant and a Matching Gift, please Log in below.

Retired Employees
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Retired Employees and Agents Only
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