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The following are a few examples of CyberGrants in action. Here we demonstrate simple or complex grant process flows, local and global grantmaking and other features and services provided by CyberGrants products and solutions and Team CyberGrants.

Verizon Foundation

Taking online grantmaking to the max...
For six consecutive years, the Verizon Foundation has been heralded as true leaders in the e-philanthropy arena. Verizon, the result of the Bell Atlantic and GTE merger, has used CyberGrants for nearly six years. With over 200 registered users on the grants management system and more than 500,000 users accessing online employee programs (matching gifts, volunteerism, team events, disaster relief,...), the Verizon Foundation is completely paperless. Online grant applications route intelligently to their proper owner throughout the U.S. and funding is streamlined via a series of approval processes based on dollar amount, region, category and funding program. Sometimes, small grants can be approved in an hour whereas larger ones require electronic sign-off from the very top. The CyberGrants and Verizon relationship has yielded top awards such as the Council on Foundations Wilmer Shields Rich Award for best Corporate Foundation Website (twice!), Servenet Gold Award, the Swift-e Award, the Apex Award for Excellence and many others.

Visit them on the Web at www.verizon.com/foundation

United Technologies Corporation

Using the Internet to unify subsidiaries...
The days of mailing and consolidating information from diskettes are over for United Technologies, a leading aerospace and building systems company based in Hartford, Connecticut. In our current day of frequent mergers and acquisitions, web-based systems are a sheer necessity. At UTC, all information is centralized in the CyberGrants database while users from individual subsidiaries (Pratt & Whitney, Otis, Carrier, Sikorsky and others) operate autonomously via the secure distributed budget capability offered by CyberGrants.

Visit them on the web at http://www.utc.com/social/community/

Eastman Kodak Corporation

From legacy system to state-of-the-art grantmaking...
The Kodak Corporate Community Relations department has entered the arena for online grants management after several years of mainframe-based administration. Universal secure access, automated accounting feeds, customizable fields, flexibly designed reports and an accurate database conversion have helped Kodak to set sail in the direction of International grantmaking. The concept of moving from mainframe to 100% web-based may seem like a real challenge but for Kodak, the time had come.

Visit the web site at www.kodak.com

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